Coaching Enquiries:

email    [email protected]

phone     01603 980340


Welfare Officer:

Fiona Whiting

phone    01603 980340

email    [email protected]


Venue Membership Enquiries:

email    [email protected]

phone     01603 980340




Where we teach

Here are the National Tennis Association venues where you can play.

  • 1

    Central Park

    High Street, London, Essex, E6 3HN

  • 2

    Gooseley Playing Fields

    St Albans Avenue, London, Essex, E6 6AW

  • 3

    Lyle Park

    Bradfield Road, London, Essex, E16 2AU

  • 4

    Stratford Park

    West Ham Lane, Stratford, Essex, E15 4PT


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